Distribution and Transportation
Distribution and Transportation
Distribution and Transportation


The Orian Distribution and Transportation Department currently provides a solution to a wide range of customers shipping goods across the country and specializes in B2B distribution of pallets and packages throughout the country in a Next Day service, providing personalized, timely and professional service and customized customer service.

The innovation process that Orian provides, emphasizes the world of e-commerce and the growing B2C audience in the local market and, together with Get Delivery, launched a service that will be available all over the country, enabling deliveries to end customers through a set of terminals allowing real-time control and tracking of shipments around the clock.

Every year, Orian distributes over 3 million packages and hundreds of thousands of pallets, using a diverse fleet of vehicles ranging from scooters to full semitrailer trucks, controlled temperature trucks, curtain and airbag trucks and raised roof trucks, all designed to deliver sensitive cargo and deliver them to the customer in the best possible way and in the highest quality manner.

The company has 6 branches that serve as Hubs and are deployed from the north of the country and as far as Eilat.

Amongst the range of services that we provide in distribution and transportation are: 

  • High flexibility 24 / 7 thanks to the company's structure and the extensive and diverse vehicle fleet.
  • Best transferable goods insurance to cellular.
  • Specializing in and expertise in working with defence companies.
  • Special services such as COD collection, document stamping, stamp production and more.
  • Pick-up counters from all branches.
  • Liaison person for managing the distribution activity in person.
  • The company specializes in transporting servers and sensitive equipment.


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