Customs Brokerage

Thanks to many years of work with Customs and the various authorities in Israel, alongside extensive experience in the field, Orian currently assists its clients in providing customs clearance solutions, with the various authorities (Ministry of Economy, Israel Standards Institute, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport etc.) and handles about 120,000 import files a year.

The company has extensive experience in providing customs brokerage services to customers from a variety of fields: Electronics, food, automotive, textiles and fashion, industry etc.

As part of the Customs Clearance Services provided by Orian, the following services are also included:

  • Legality of Import advice.
  • Making a direct delivery at ports.
  • Handling of approvals in conjunction with Customs, the Standards Institute, etc.
  • Early classification of shipments.
  • Orian was approved by the Customs Administration as a Customs Agent and International Forwarder in the "Approved Economic Entity - A.E.O." program.


A global gateway system was launched by the Customs Division in 2018.

It is a new foreign trade system that replaces the existing Tax Authority operating systems and aims, as noted on the Tax Authority's website, to "manage Israel's foreign trade, streamline and lower import costs, all while providing transparency and access to information." The system is innovative and advanced, works with paperless electronic messages and includes a digital signature component that has a convenient and friendly interface, provides access and availability to a number of databases and for the first time, all foreign trade community members share in one database. " 

The system has changed the process of cargo clearing and the way the customs agent works with Customs and, as a result, the preparation and requirements that obligate the importer.


We have compiled for you most of the relevant things, including a detailed explanation of the requirements and meanings


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